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Workwear has always been a fascination for me.  Its ageing and wearing is consistent with its practical application. A garment aged and repaired looks better than new and its initial, raw state being only the commencement of a journey.

Having originally trained in tailoring and during a period working with high quality denim, I became captivated with leather and leather-craft. I started making small items for myself and friends and from word of mouth, began receiving bespoke orders. Making further investment in traditional leather working and saddlery tools, I was able to create small capsule collections.

Photo by Rick Pushinsky.

Photo by Rick Pushinsky.

I make practical and durable pieces, utilising traditional hand-crafted methods. Each product is hand-cut and stitched with my own beeswax coated thread. No machinery is involved in production. All the leather is naturally vegetable-dyed, traceable to source and purchased here in London.

Once you've bought or been gifted one of my products the story of your ownership begins. It is you who will impart its finish through use, wear and the passage of time.